IT leaders are strategizing what data to send to the public cloud, what stays in-house and how to boost their IT infrastructure.
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IT Takeaway

Is HCI the Real Deal?

Hyperconverged infrastructure fights the perception that it can’t measure up to traditional storage systems.

IT Futurist

Watching the Watchers

New forms of biometric tracking technology can help agencies better understand how users are directing their attention.

Security Save

Times Are Changing, but Maybe Your Passwords Shouldn’t

New research suggests federal IT leaders should rethink how they manage password security and authentication.

Product Review

Army of One

With enhancements to security, performance and functionality, this light notebook enables agencies to do more with less.

Product Review

Entry Denied

The latest firewall consolidates a range of defensive services into a single interface, allowing agencies to do more with fewer resources.

Tech Tips

Keep Your Network in Line

Agencies should know what is on their network to avoid sprawl and overspending on infrastructure.

Tech Tips

The TIC-Tock of Cloud Security

Here are three tips feds should follow to ensure that Trusted Internet requirements are met as applications move to the cloud.

FedTech Interview

A Lockdown Alliance

Collaboration and modernization, Manfra believes, are the keys to preserving the internet in the face of attack.



Clouds on the Horizon

Cloud-based email offers federal agencies like the Justice Department and NOAA an introduction into the benefits of cloud computing.


Dynamic Data

Agencies can use Big Data to gain insights that help citizens and make their operations more efficient, but they must upgrade IT infrastructure to do so.


Defending IoT

As the military seeks to take advantage of Internet of Things technology, it must also expand its defense of networked assets.


Come Together

Agencies like the Government Accountability Office and State Department are turning to hyperconverged infrastructure to cut costs, reduce their data center footprints and improve service.


Letter From the Editor

Keep IT Simple

As systems grow size and scope, solutions that reduce complexity are essential.

Contributor Column

Millennial Matters

Mobility and security are priorities as agencies prepare for an influx of younger IT workers.

Contributor Column

Refocus Security Strategies for IoT

Agencies, manufacturers and regulators must work together to secure the billions of connected devices coming online.