Tablets, apps and software make remote work simpler while cutting costs.
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Mind the Gaps

Trying to choose between penetration tests or vulnerability scans for your agency? These five questions can guide your decision.


A Growth Industry

The Agriculture Department is planting the seeds of efficient IT modernization for other agencies, and CIO Gary Washington is guiding his agency along that important path.

Tech Trends

By Invitation Only

Allowing the use of only trusted applications — instead of blocking only known threats — can prevent malware from entering an agency's network.

Product Review

Unearthly Power

Designed for apps that do incredible amounts of processing, this workstation handles nearly any nonsupercomputing task.

IT Futurist

At Your Service

Automated processes take care of customers’ basic needs at agencies, allowing workers to help with more complicated issues.

Get Smart

Open to Everyone

Section 508 provides guidelines on making federal websites and information systems available to disabled users.

Product Review

Storage Space

Features include high-efficiency snapshots, clones, deduplication, compression, replication and ability to create cloud tiers in addition to local storage tiers.

Tech Tips

Target: DMARC

The new security protocol will prevent forged or spam email from entering agency networks.



Windows Opens Doors

Agencies that have finished the complex operating system migration pass on their lessons learned.


The Rational Approach

Technology and careful methodology help agencies sort out overstuffed application portfolios and save money.


Carry That Weight

For big events, predicted or not, agencies turn to cloud-based solutions to handle massive spikes in web traffic.


Assets in the Air

Agencies use drones to gather information, but must figure out how to manage and store the ever-growing mountains of data.


Contributor Column

Do Your Part

Protecting the network is every user's responsibility, not just the technical staff.

Letter From the Editor

Transformation Takes the Lead

Agencies that look beyond merely upgrading equipment are better prepared to reach evolving long-term goals.

Contributor Column

Meaningful goals and detailed priorities help agencies along the path to modern technology.