Oct 10 2012

How Cloud and Big Data Are Reshaping Data Center Strategy [Infographic]

The growth of these two major technology trends is causing IT leaders to rethink data center use.

Your agency needs a sound data center strategy. Why? Because factors like cloud adoption and big data are growing faster than most agencies can keep up.

While big data might be using up more storage, cloud computing is proving to be faster to implement and to bring a return on investment. Subscription-based models make it a highly affordable option for public, private and hybrid clouds.

Outsourced cloud computing is also economical when it comes time to update software and scale your enterprise. Since the Cloud First Policy was released in 2010, many agencies have moved some or all of their services to the cloud, but questions still remain, according to Government Technology:

How will the cloud computing contracts actually work across multiple agencies with different requirements? Will security protections be adequate? What parameters will be in place to prohibit offshore cloud facilities? Will the promised savings materialize? What flexibility will be included to allow state and local governments to take advantage of these new federal cloud offerings?

This infographic by Century Link shows you how to choose the best data center partner for your needs. For instance, you always want 24/7 expert support, you want high-speed data transmission and you want security.

How will your organization approach its data center strategy going forward?

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