Aug 07 2014

Federal Contractor USIS Falls Victim to a Major Cyberattack

When it comes to cyberattacks, no agency or company is untouchable.

The federal government’s main security background-check contractor discovered what it says was a state-sponsored attack against its corporate network, The Wall Street Journal reports. The attack against U.S. Investigations Services may have compromised information of employees at the Department of Homeland Security. DHS alerted employees to look out for abnormal activities with their financial accounts.

“Our forensic analysis has concluded that some DHS personnel may have been affected, and DHS has notified its entire workforce” of the breach, department spokesman Peter Boogaard told The Washington Post. “We are committed to ensuring our employees’ privacy and are taking steps to protect it.”

For now, DHS and the Office of Personnel Management have temporarily suspended much of their work with the company, and the FBI is investigating the matter.

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