Feb 25 2015

What’s in the Acer Toolbox?

We break down the many uses for the tools within Acer Explorer.

Acer offers a number of handy tools, both within Microsoft’s new modern interface and the desktop interface that may be installed at the user’s or administrator’s discretion. Acer Explorer provides links for driver downloads and both community and manufacturer support, as well as for some of the more popular applications available in the Windows app store.

On the desktop, several apps made life easier. Acer Power Button manifests itself as a red button in the taskbar that makes it easy to reboot or shut down the computer. The Acer ProShield is a console that combines security tools such as BIOS migration, data encryption and data removal, as well as credential and remote management. Acer SmartBoot allows the user to configure which applications start up automatically during each login — handy for workers who automatically launch several applications as they prepare for their workday.

The Acer Office Manager console provides a common administration tool for multiple Acer computers. Policies for display control, Internet Explorer security settings, power and BIOS options, and controlling which ports are enabled are all configurable and deployable in the console. The Office Manager also can be used as a simple asset manager and task scheduler for a small department, although it should not be used in place of a full enterprise management suite for large implementations.


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