Apr 03 2015

Marines Aim to Have Wi-Fi in All Barracks by End of Year

Civilian consumers aren’t the only ones who can’t do without their wireless Internet connections.

Marines: They’re just like us. On the consumer side, Cisco predicted in a 2013 white paper that “Wi-Fi will be the predominant access technology for smartphones.” In fact, Cisco’s research found that nearly 80 percent of tablets, laptops and e-readers were connecting exclusively through Wi-Fi.

That insatiable appetite for Wi-Fi doesn’t dissipate when civilians join the Marines. The Marine Corps has recognized the want for Wi-Fi in its barracks and has committed to completing its Wi-Fi installation by the end of the year, Marine Corps Times reported.

“[Wi-Fi for Marines is] important because of where we are in society today,” said Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Ronald Green. “Today all the students in all the universities have Wi-Fi, most homes have Wi-Fi, so we wanted Marines and our sailors to be up-to-date in technology.”

Before the Marine Corps embarked on this initiative, Wi-Fi was available only in common areas and recreational areas. Having consistent access to Wi-Fi in the barracks, where single Marines live and sleep, has become table stakes and is no longer a luxury.

“Family members living off post that are married and family members living in base housing have Wi-Fi, so we say that single Marines should live at the same standard,” Green said.

The project is going to give Marines access to Wi-Fi through Boingo Wireless, which is commonly used as a public Wi-Fi utility in places like airports and hotels. So far, Wi-Fi has been installed in 491 barracks, leaving 229 to go, the Times reported.

Tim Evanson/Flickr

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