Jul 14 2020

The Pivot to Mass Remote Work: FCA ‘Shows Up at Home’

Rapid adoption of new collaboration tools helped Farm Credit Administration employees navigate the coronavirus pandemic without missing a step.

Editor's Note: This is one of a series of Q&As FedTech has conducted with government IT leaders on how they pivoted to remote work. For more entries in the series, click here.

The Farm Credit Administration has a long experience supporting remote work for its employees; many of them conduct audits of federal farm loans, which requires them to travel extensively and complete tasks via mobile devices and applications. 

Still, FCA tech leaders were unsure if they could accommodate the agency’s entire workforce working remotely at the same time. The agency quickly adopted Cisco Webex, relying on its user support team to help with any issues. Within several weeks, the FCA held a virtual board meeting using the solution, followed by a 172-person all-hands meeting. 

CIO Jerry Golley initially harbored doubts about how well employees would be able to collaborate from their homes, but people quickly proved their ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. Golley talks about why experience will likely change the nature of work at the agency for years to come. 

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