Feb 22 2021

Review: Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard Boosts Productivity

This easy-to-connect, wireless keyboard connects to three devices at home or in an office.

Surveys have found that the average U.S. household contains at least 11 connected devices, and these days, many of them may be used for work. For federal employees working remotely, a wireless keyboard capable of connecting to multiple devices in a fast and seamless fashion can simplify their jobs.

The Logitech K480 Bluetooth ­Multi-Device Keyboard leverages Bluetooth wireless to facilitate the ­keyboard’s connection to almost any device. It eliminates the need to ­repeatedly pair devices via a dial just above the escape key. 

The keyboard allows users to pair three devices, and the dial lets them easily toggle between the trio. The user simply selects the desired device, and the Bluetooth signal does the rest. It took just a few seconds to pair the K480 with an Apple iPad device, a MacBook and a Windows PC.

Given that the majority of wireless keyboards are designed to connect with only one device, this simple feature is invaluable and makes switching among devices easy and natural. 

Despite needing a mouse if you’re pairing it with a PC, the unit is responsive when toggling between devices. It disconnects from one device and reconnects to another very quickly. 

Compatibility Is Key to Productivity Gains

For multifunctional devices to be ­effective, compatibility is a must. The K480 interfaces effectively with ­multiple operating systems, including those that run Google, Microsoft and Apple devices. Agency users who operate desktop computers running Apple OS X or Microsoft Windows variants can toggle between these environments with ­keyboard shortcuts. Likewise, the row of keys at the top of the keyboard provide shortcuts that users can employ to ­program their favorite mobile devices. 

The K480’s body contains a groove above the keys that lets users place their mobile devices in landscape mode — in place of a standard monitor — and still get an unobstructed view of the entire screen. We experienced this with every type of mobile device we tested. 

The keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries and ships with a set ready to go. They lasted for several weeks of constant use and testing, holding their charge well. Logitech says that a set of new batteries will last up to two years under normal use, so there is little need for a rechargeable battery. 

Productivity is an essential metric for federal agencies, and with devices like the Logitech K480, agency users leveraging multiple devices can ­continue focusing on citizen services without having to stop and troubleshoot connectivity nightmares.

Logitech K480 Bluetooth ­Multi-Device Keyboard

The Perfect Size for All Locations

Multifunction devices need portability with a footprint that fits anywhere. Just like real estate, productivity is all about location, location, location. Weighing in at 28.9 ounces, the K480 is extremely easy to pick up and take both on the road, or down the hallway when working from home. 

With an elegant shape, measuring only 11.8x7.7x0.8 inches, the keyboard fits anywhere it needs to, even among the uncleared breakfast dishes if you are working comfortably from home. 

The keys are well engineered with good, firm resistance to clicking, making it a pleasure to write this article exclusively using the K480. The top edge of the keyboard includes a wrist rest that makes continued use very comfortable. 

Peace and Quiet for Home Offices

The Logitech K480 is also notable for being quiet, which is great for feds working from home and sharing makeshift office space with other family members. I typed part of this article very late at night without disturbing any of my sleeping family members. At an office, it would not even be heard over a cubicle wall. 

The wireless computer keyboard also minimized the number of cables needed for use. There is no need for power or USB cables to clutter up a desk.

Finally, the K480’s unique design, with its groove for holding devices upright, means that you can use the keyboard to create an office space using almost any device on almost any flat surface. 

A kitchen table is just as good as a dedicated office workstation or desk when using the K480 with a mobile device. And anything that makes working from home easier is something we can all embrace.

Logitech K480 Bluetooth ­Multi-Device Keyboard

Compatibility: Apple iOS, Android, PC, Mac
Interface: Bluetooth
Max Operating Distance: 33 feet
Dimensions: 11.8x7.7x0.8 inches
Weight: 28.9 ounces


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