Jul 28 2022

Review: Tripp Lite 10-Device Desktop AC Charging Station Handles Protection and Power

This innovative charging station safely powers up a variety of devices, keeping them safe from theft and surges.

Federal agency computers once required rooms full of equipment, but today, much of that computing power has moved to desktops, laptops and even smaller devices. Smartphones and tablets now have as much capability as workstations did just a few years ago.And there aren’t too many drawbacks when using mobile devices for job-related tasks.

In fact, the biggest problem is usually battery life. Many portable devices are power-hungry, especially when working at full capacity. The Tripp Lite 10-Device Desktop AC Charging Station with Surge Protection is designed to be a power oasis for all those hard-working devices. It’s configured like a filing cabinet, with vertical plastic dividers keeping each device in its own cubbyhole. The dividers can be removed to fit large devices, although this reduces the 10-device-maximum capacity.

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Security and Safety Made Simple For You

Devices to be charged are placed in a slot with their cords running out the back of the station. Those cords then plug into one of 10 power outlets arrayed along the back of the unit, spaced so that every plug can fit. This keeps the main storage bay clean and accessible, with no bundles of cords to get in the way.

While charging, devices are fully protected from surges using Tripp Lite’s anti-surge technology. In fact, if an exceptionally powerful surge happens to hit the station, it will automatically shut off power to the devices to protect them from damage.While devices charged inside an agency building are probably safe, Tripp Lite has added a few physical security features to the charging station.

Spec Sheet

Strong Anti-Theft Measures For Peace of Mind

First, there is a clear plastic cover that can be closed over the devices and locked with a key. The cover remains open at the bottom to provide ventilation, but it would be impossible to wiggle devices out of the station with the cover closed. To prevent the station itself from being stolen, along with whatever units are charging inside of it, Tripp Lite has included a Kensington-style security cable. One end of the cable is attached to the charging station and then looped around a table leg or other anchored feature.Unlike the lock on the station cover, which is opened with a key, the cable uses a combination lock.

Protecting All Your Eggs in One Basket

The Tripp Lite 10-Device Desktop AC Charging Station with Surge Protection fills a definite need in most offices. By providing a universal space where devices can be easily charged at a moment’s notice, it enables a mobile workforce to stay on the move.

Workers don’t need to look for a free outlet; they simply walk over to the station whenever they have a free moment to juice up their equipment. 

One potential problem is that using a charging station that way puts a lot of eggs in one basket, so Tripp Lite has outfitted the station with two locks to protect it from theft. It also has robust surge protection, as one might expect from a Tripp Lite product. 

While the physical locks are easy to see and test, the surge protection is not. To evaluate that feature, we installed a power meter and an oscilloscope inside the charging station. 

Surge Testing Proves That Protection Works 

The station’s power cable was run through a battery-powered electrical testing device, which was in turn plugged into a standard power outlet. That allowed us to mess with the quality of power flowing into the charging station while also sending small surges through the line. 

As we manipulated the quality of power going into the station, the surge protection was able to compensate. While we did record a few power anomalies in the station, they were minor and did not come close to the level that would have damaged the devices inside. 

When we sent surges through, one of two things happened: For small surges, the station was able to compensate, keeping almost completely clean power flowing through to the devices being charged. With a larger surge, the station instead shut down the power outlets completely, protecting devices from any spike that might have made it past the normal level of protection. 

It was clear in our testing that devices charging within the Tripp Lite 10-Device Desktop AC Charging Station are about as safe as they can be from power spikes and unexpected surges.  

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CAPACITY: 10 devices, up to 10.5 inches each (with lid closed)
MAX. CURRENT: 15 amperes
SECURITY: Kensington-type cable with combination lock 
DIMENSIONS: 13.5 by 8.9 by 16.5 inches

Matthew Heckart

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