More and more agencies are taking advantage of shared cloud services to streamline IT infrastructure and cut costs.

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Brief Byte

Keeping Focus

Cloud development delivers scalability and efficient management.

Tech Watch

When Machines Communicate

All sorts of devices — from water meters to vehicles — are collecting and transmitting data.

Best Practices

You’ve Got to Keep ’Em Separated

Separating network control from network hardware makes management easier. Here’s how agencies can prepare.

Product Review

Lenovo ThinkCentre M93z

This all-in-one combines a number of attractive features with a beautiful display.

FedTech Interview


The Army hopes a series of regional security stacks will unlock new capabilities.

Tech Tips

Don't Get Bogged Down

Keep things humming smoothly, even as cloud and mobile technologies widen the network.

Product Review

Filling In the Gaps

This feature-rich VoIP conference phone is a good fit for small work areas that don’t have a big teleconferencing system installed.

Tech Tips

Preparing for a Massive DDoS Attack

Follow these three steps to protect your online systems from this increasingly prevalent threat.

Tech Trends

When the Computing Gets Tough

As tough mobile devices get better, smaller and more versatile, agencies are finding more uses for them.



Being There

Agencies embrace desktop technology for face-to-face meetings.


Space Odyssey

Technology helps scale back on office real estate to cut costs and meet conservation goals.


Smarter Storage

Agencies adopt hybrid storage solutions to address application challenges.

Cover Feature

XP-dited Transition

With the popular OS nearing retirement, government IT teams are turning to Windows 7, and in mobile pilots, Windows 8.


From the Editor

Change Is Good

It doesn’t matter why agencies embrace technological change. It only matters that change leads to better results.

Real-World IT

Mission: Innovation

Forget the misconception that government lags the private sector in cutting-edge use of technology.

Contributor Column

Measuring Success

Several metrics are critical to determining the return on investment.