Consolidating data centers remains a priority in federal IT modernization efforts.
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Product Review

Cool Down the Hot Spots

The portable, powerful Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K rolls into any agency to lower the temperature of hard-working electronics.

Product Review

Big Printing for Small Offices

Brother's printer lets agencies take care of large print jobs efficiently and securely.


A Solid Foundation

Director Shashank Khandelwal talks about the combination of open-source and commercial products used by agencies updating their IT.

Tech Tips

Far-Flung Networks Need Quality

A familiar technology can boost network reliability when traffic volume is high.

Get Smart

A Salvage Solution

DRaaS provides flexibility, efficiency and reliability when emergencies strike.

Tech Tips

The Best of Both Worlds

Agencies that use a mixture of public and private clouds should follow these tips to streamline their responsibilities.

IT Futurist

Bigger than Bitcoin

Agencies may use the shared ledger technology to save time, improve efficiency and even strengthen security.

Security Save

The Path to Secure Keys

Encryption key management can be complicated, but these tips help your agency's IT security teams get to the heart of the project.



Workspace, Sweet Workspace

Flexible work arrangements that mix remote and office locations help agencies compete for and keep talented employees.


Change of Address

Long on the back burner, IPv6 adoption is reaching a slow boil as the stock of current IP addresses runs dry.


A Handheld Office

Despite lingering challenges, smartphones, apps and more help federal departments streamline operations and services.


Border Security

Taking a lesson from past breaches, agencies work to strengthen their multiplying endpoints against network intrusions.


Letter From the Editor

Engage the Workforce

Federal workers who have the chance to work remotely are happier in their jobs, and want to stay.

Contributor Column

Innovate with IoT

Agencies can better leverage the Internet of Things to improve services and save money, but few do.

Contributor Column

Bang for Your Buck

In an era of tight budgets, agencies work to get double the results from cybersecurity and IT upgrades.