With loans from a special technology fund, agencies can afford to update more systems.
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Product Review

Small, but Powerful

The compact desktop has the power and features needed to drive most applications.

Tech Trends

Expanded Reach

Desktop as a Service is emerging as a strong third-party alternative.

Product Review

A Spectacular View

Agencies whose employees perform dangerous or complicated work can test out an environment virtually with this headset.


Port Authority

The connectors may look similar, but subtle variations mean an agency must choose carefully.

Tech Tips

Virtual Backup

When speed is of the essence, follow these guidelines to get a VM back online.

IT Futurist

An Enterprise Solution

Air Force, DHA, Transportation and others are piloting Enterprise as a Service solutions.

Get Smart

A Steady Connection

Ensure that employees have a steady connection with these easy tips.


Healthy Innovation

Jose Arrieta runs the civilian agency's IT shop with the second-largest technology budget, and is using innovations such as blockchain to push modernization.



The How and Why of Shared Services

Shared IT services, long considered a cost-cutter, are receiving renewed attention with the formation of teams called QSMOs.


Coming Out of the Shadows

Unapproved apps and devices can become a part of an agency’s workflow if they turn out to be necessary.


Cyber Academy

The popular pilot program expands the government’s security capabilities and teaches workers new skills.


Make Your Move

Careful planning and good communication can ensure a smooth move to a new location.


Contributor Column

Customers First

HCD focuses on what customers need so that agencies can solve their IT challenges.

From the Editor

Creative Working

Flexible thinking about daily, mundane work primes workers to react quickly to the unexpected.

Contributor Column

Demystify Emerging Technology

Today’s government employees demand the newest gear, but still must be convinced occasionally to accept change.