Dec 31 2009



A former senior
editor of Byte
Joch has spent
more than 10
years covering
technology and
how it can make
both public and private organizations more
productive. His work has appeared in
Architectural Record, Ed Tech, Federal
Computer Week, Fortune Small Business, The
New York Times
and State Tech. His book on
venture capital funds, How to Find Money
was published by McGraw-Hill in
2001. Joch resides in New Hampshire.


Samuel Greengard is a
Burbank, Ca., based
business and technology
journalist. His articles
have appeared in national
publications, including
American Way, Arrive,
Business Finance, Chief
Executive, Hemispheres,
and Wired. Greengard
is an instructor at the
UCLA Writer's Program.

Michael Meehan

Based in Brookline, Mass., Michael
Meehan is a freelance business and
technology writer with 10 years of
journalism experience. Previously,
Meehan was a senior staff writer for
Computerworld, and he has covered
federal and state government as a
reporter. He is also a contributing
writer to Ed Tech and State Tech

Wylie Wong

Based in Phoenix, Wylie
Wong has been a
journalist for 10 years,
the last six as a
technology writer and
reporter. Before he
become a freelance
writer, Wong was a
reporter for CNET, where he
covered software and networking companies. Previously,
Wong worked at Computer Reseller News and
Computerworld, as well as several newspapers in
California and Washington State. He is a contributor to
Ed Tech and State Tech magazines.

Melissa Solomon

For the last decade, New York
City-based journalist Melissa
Solomon has been reaping
awards for her reporting and
editing. Her work has appeared
in various national business
and technology publications
and on Web sites, including
Baseline, CIO,,
Computerworld, Ed Tech, The
Industry Standard, State Tech

and USA Today. Solomon earned her master's degree in
journalism from Northeastern University.