Jul 21 2014

How to Meet Big Data Challenges With Business Intelligence

Agency IT leaders now have an end-to-end guide on drafting and executing a BI strategy.

What happens when the nation’s military veterans adopt emerging technologies that monitor their vital signs 24/7, track their workout regimens and ensure they’re taking their proper medications? The Department of Veterans Affairs receives a tsunami of digital information that leads to better patient care.

“Patient-generated data is going to be the thing that really transforms healthcare,” says Kathleen Frisbee, co-director of Connected Health at the Veterans Health Administration. “The key for us is to architect it right, make it secure and help people understand how it should be used.”

Agencies throughout government are confronting Big Data challenges, whether that’s for scientific purposes at the Energy Department’s national laboratories, or to detect Medicare fraud and abuse at the Social Security Administration, or to identify threats to the nation at the Department of Homeland Security. And with the Internet of Things generating more data every day — from myriad network-connected sensors, cameras, health monitors and other devices — government’s Big Data challenge is growing exponentially.

Agencies need the right tools to better organize their data, unlock insights, identify patterns and report on the intelligence contained within. They have to do it quickly, easily and in a way that fits their existing processes.

CDW’s Technology Insights app now includes the Business Intelligence guide to data analytics and Big Data solutions. Among the questions the new app answers are:

  • How can agencies align business intelligence and analytics to their missions?

  • What it the best deployment strategy? When is “cloud-first” the right way to go?

  • What are some of the top reasons for deploying business intelligence? Enhancing accountability? Improving procurement?

In a recent study by MeriTalk, a majority of executives in healthcare-related agencies said that fulfilling their mission objectives would depend on leveraging Big Data. In fact, all types of agencies now know that to execute effectively, they must make sense of the data they collect. The latest Business Intelligence edition, available through CDW’s Technology Insights App, includes content tailored to agencies’ expertise in data analytics, deployment guidance, case studies, white papers, multimedia links and more. Download it today on the following devices:

Sergey Nivens/ThinkStock