Dec 22 2022
Data Center

Product Review: New Rack-Mountable Eaton UPS Powers Up Agencies

Eaton’s 9PX uninterruptible power supply provides emergency backup and keeps agencies safe from disruptions and blackouts.

Battery backup systems have come a long way from the clunky devices once used to protect individual computers. Today, they are networkable, rack-mountable and easy to manage. They can even convert dirty power into a clean sine wave that can extend the life of valuable equipment. And yes, they still provide power in the event of an outage.

The Eaton 9PX UPS is a great example of this new generation of battery backup devices designed to easily integrate into almost any network. Because it’s as easy to manage multiple units as a single device, it’s great for places that may not have many IT staffers.

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Load Balancing Allows IT Teams to Better Protect Devices

Designed to be stacked in a server rack, each Eaton 9PX UPS takes up two units of space. When mounting multiple devices, power management software makes it easy to balance the load across every UPS for maximum efficiency. The devices also have large LED panels for local status updates and network cards for setting up remote monitoring.

The 1,350-watt UPS has eight outlets for connecting equipment. At a full load, the device is rated to provide power for up to five minutes, or 14 minutes at half a load. In my testing, it exceeded that rating by just a bit, giving administrators plenty of time to safely shut down connected servers and other equipment. You can also configure automatic shutdown procedures that trigger whenever the main power is lost.

Eaton 9PX UPS specs


How the Eaton 9PX Delivers Clean Power to Devices

Double conversion technology is used to regulate power, ensuring that only clean power is delivered to connected devices. This protects them from surges and helps extend their life by providing an optimal, constant power source.

Another innovation from Eaton is its advanced battery management charging technology, which is designed to extend battery life. Instead of using a trickle charge that taxes batteries, Eaton UPS units use a three-stage charging technique that, according to the company, can extend UPS life by up to 30 months, effectively doubling normal battery life.

The Eaton 9PX UPS also comes with a network card and management software, allowing IT administrators to oversee power management from a central location.


Device Type: Rack-mountable intelligent UPS
Batteries: Sealed lead-acid
Power Provided: 1,350 watts
Outlets: 8
Estimated Runtime: 5 minutes at full load, 14 minutes at half load
Dimensions: 17.3 inches x 17.7 inches; 3.4 inches
Weight: 43 pounds



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