How is federal IT changing to appease citizens who demand more responsive and consumer-grade tech services?

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Security Save

What Not to Wearable

Agencies weigh security concerns against the promise of wearable devices.

Product Review

Breaking the Mold

Designed for CAD and other high-performance applications, the new HP Workstation pushes power into a tiny form factor.

Taking Measure

Mission Match

IT leaders need to find the metrics to help find the right cloud provider for their agencies.

Tech Tips

Classification Considerations

Software features can protect users from themselves and keep an eye on private information.

Tech Trends

Uptime Is of the Essence

Network performance is a key metric as agencies put a premium on uptime.

Tech Tips

Vital Signs

Here's what agencies need to consider before adopting hyperconverged infrastructure.

Product Review

Command the Boardroom

Epson's projector takes advantage of 3LCD technology to make images both bright and clear.

IT Futurist

We’ve Been Expecting You

Several government programs are working to harness the power of tech-driven intuitive thinking.



To Catch a Cheat

How data analytics and machine learning help eliminate fraud, waste and abuse in government.


Space Savers

Agencies turn to technology advances and more efficient infrastructure.


Private Practice

What technologies are chief privacy officers using to watch out for you and your data?


Never Again

Feds turn to anti-scraping tools and to deactivating removable hardware as part of new security protocols.


From the Editor

Closer to Perfect

Agencies are using troves of data and powerful analytics tools to predict when cyberattacks might occur.

Contributor Column

Call to Duty

The Pentagon can — and should — lead the way on adopting bring-your-own-device policies.

Contributor Column

My Other Computer Is the Cloud

What agencies and industry can do to ensure clear communication about digital transformation.