Apr 07 2021

Balancing Act: How Next-Gen Load Balancers Boost Federal IT Modernization

Federal agencies need to rethink their network architectures for a more distributed workforce.

As of October 2020, 75 percent of federal workers remained remote — and 60 percent said they expected teleworking conditions to continue as the status quo for at least six months. Others weren’t so optimistic; almost 20 percent predicted work from home would last at least another year.

No matter how federal return-to-work efforts develop, however, one thing is certain: Agencies can’t afford to stay complacent. IT modernization is now the mandate, with Congress setting aside $1 billion for the Technology Modernization Fund, aimed at helping agencies update their IT infrastructure stack to reduce risk and improve cost efficiency.

The challenge? In a multivendor, multicloud market, many federal organizations aren’t sure where to start. The solution? Next-generation technology that can help agencies manage applications that sit at the front line of IT modernization.

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Pixtum/Getty Images