Oct 26 2023

Technology Does the Talking for Federal Agencies

Clear communication is critical, and specialized software helps.

Clear communication is critical for the federal government. With the volume of data being generated each day, and the amount of information that agencies want to deliver to both their own workers and the general public, it’s important that the messages delivered are received as intended.

Agencies are taking advantage of a host of technologies to make sure that the channels of communication are open, whether the recipient is an employee or a citizen. They also use these technologies to educate workers and citizens, helping them to learn new skills for use in their personal or professional lives.

These technologies and methods can keep the lines of communication open in nearly any situation and keep people informed on the latest things they need to know.

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Tech Helps with Patient Care, Cybersecurity Training

At the Department of Veterans Affairs, telehealth practices have expanded beyond simple videoconferencing calls (“Pandemic-Tested Telehealth Technology Expands into Mainstream Care”). Virtual-reality software embedded in goggles help veterans learn to overcome PTSD, pain and other chronic health issues; the devices can also assist their families and caregivers to handle some of these issues as well.

This combination of technology with medical care enables the veterans and their relatives and friends to learn how to handle stressful or dangerous situations in a safe place, with the expected outcome well communicated up front to avoid upsetting surprises.

The General Services Administration uses fleet management technology to track its 200,000-plus vehicles around the world (“Fleet Management Technology Keeps Federal Vehicles Running”), with the software communicating to fleet managers when cars, trucks and ambulances need to be serviced. This keeps vehicles on the road longer, and helps the agency avoid major repair costs by catching problems earlier.

Occasionally, agencies bring in third parties to help communicate a message. “National Guard Relies on Outside Experts to Train Cyber Workers” tells how cybersecurity education teams can be brought into federal agencies to keep workers current on the newest threats, prevention techniques and technology. These teams provide federal agencies with valuable tools that help them keep information on cybersecurity flowing.

Even the most citizen-conscious and media-savvy federal agencies can use some communications assistance occasionally, and these stories show how technology enhances the mission.

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