The federal government relies on collaboration to smoothly transition from one administration to the next.

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Security Save

Staying Above Water

How are agencies going to improve federal cybersecurity policies, practices and technologies in the years ahead?

Get Smart

Operation Optimization

OMB wants agencies to prepare their websites for a new generation of mobile users.


Culture Shock

Agencies need to change their cultures to effectively update their technology, says federal IT veteran Tunnessen, who is now the chief digital officer for Voice of America.

Tech Trends

Password Plus

Federal agencies are investing in biometrics as a way to bolster authentication techniques.

Tech Tips

Move to Trash?

With scores of new data, how soon is too soon to pitch old records and information?

Product Review

Global Protection

With its latest protection suite, Symantec shows it can play well with other cybersecurity software and services.

IT Futurist

Uncle Sam Is Typing Something…

Your next interaction with the federal government may be via a chatbot.

Product Review

Not Just a Pretty Face

This notebook has good looks, but it also delivers power, speed and stamina.



Imagine the Challenge

With governmentwide adoption of Microsoft's platform underway, feds are starting to see faster boot times and improved app performance.


One Giant Leap

Using a specialized Software Asset Management tool and other strategies, the space agency uncovered software consolidation opportunities.


Step into the Future

The 15-year Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract is designed to create a modernized communications network for agencies built on continually refreshed technology.


Under Attack

As cybersecurity threats advance, federal officials must change how they train employees and respond to attacks.


Letter From the Editor

Remember the Details

Loopholes in software that has not been updated can lead to gaps in agencies' cybersecurity protections.

Contributor Column

Character Traits

Feds should consider resilience and agility in their cybersecurity decision-making.

Contributor Column

When to Preach About a Breach

When feds discover a loophole, they need to weigh whether to share that information — or exploit it for intelligence on the perpetrator behind the threat.