Priorities for the agencies include improved customer experience, better security and more nimble modernization.
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Tech Trends

Eyes Everywhere

Endpoint detection and response gives agencies a wider view into possible cyberattacks.

Tech Tips

Who’s on the List?

By monitoring traffic in their cloud environments, agencies can identify unusual activity and improve security.

Product Review

Live, From Your Office

Sharp images, crisp sound and easy setup make this camera great for live presentations.

Product Review

Building Blocks

This rack-mountable unit is a one-stop solution for creating backups in virtual environments or on-premises infrastructure.

Brief Byte

Replicators for Real

3D printing could provide edible 'biomass' in areas where food is scarce.


Living on the Edge

Find out how working on the edge can complement traditional cloud usage.

IT Futurist

New Direction Home

The global positioning system, relied on by war fighters and daily commuters alike, needs new alternatives for a cyber world.

Security Save

It’s Not Over Yet

Although Log4j has been fixed, the original flaw could have allowed malware inside a system.


Classified Connections

The Defense Intelligence Agency is overhauling the intranet that serves both the intelligence community and agencies that need to share sensitive information.



Lessons Learned

Federal agencies deploying zero-trust architecture reveal the tips and tactics that make it work.


A Safer Toolbox

Data protection and storage take priority across federal agencies.


Taking Inventory

ITAM gives Army PEO STRI and other agencies the information they need to track thousands of IT assets.


Waste Not

Oak Ridge National Laboratory arranged for vendors to remove a retired supercomputer; other agencies provide recycling services.


Contributor Column

Practice Makes Perfect

Tailoring web design to customers’ needs ensured a successful launch.

Contributor Column

At Your Service

New acquisitions provide more expertise in solutions, deployments and services.