Aug 06 2012

Pac-Man Chews Up Cybersecurity [Infographic]

Is your agency safe from an attack?

We all remember the age-old video game where the hungry Pac-Man chews up dots while pixel ghosts run around trying to obstruct Pac-Man’s path.

Imagine your software is Pac-Man, and the ghosts are hackers you’re constantly running away from. We fear the ghosts, but sometimes we run into a trap, and there’s no way out.

There are certain ways to keep hackers from chasing you in the first place. This Bit9 infographic has interesting facts on cybersecurity, malware and hackers.

A few notable takeaways:

  • Government officials are among the most concerned about cybersecurity.
  • 61 percent of security and IT professionals think they will be attacked within the next six months.
  • Organizations are most likely to be attacked with some form of malware.
  • The best way to improve the state of your cybersecurity is by promoting better security policies.

Cybersecurity Infographic

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