Jan 14 2013

8 Innovative and Overlooked Military Technology Stories

The military is constantly innovating. Here are a few stories you might have missed.

The military is heavily invested in technology. Much of the technology that consumers enjoy has trickled down from the military, and when the military is willing and able to discuss their hardware, software and strategy, IT workers take note.

Increasingly, cybersecurity falls under the category of military technology. As military techniques advance, more threats will be virtual in nature, but potentially disastrous nonetheless. This topic is covered extensively in most major news publications, but most of the equipment that the military is using on the ground, in medical care and on mobile devices is overlooked. Historically, the military has been a great innovator in the technology space, and that trend continues today.

It’s hard to find unbiased information about military technology, but, over the years, FedTech has covered the military without a hint of politics. For the men and women powering the military, there is no time for prejudice, just innovative thinking. We’ve compiled some of our best military technology stories below.

<p>Image courtesy of Victor Habbick / <a href="http://www.freedigitalphotos.net" target="_blank">FreeDigitalPhotos.net</a></p>

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