The Department of Defense is prototyping 5G wireless connectivity, network interoperability and security, and 5G-enabled applications such as augmented reality at bases across the country.
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Service Provider

As the CIO who’s been at his federal job the longest, the General Services Administration’s David Shive knows what it takes to adapt for the future.

Product Review

Needle in a Haystack

This handy device tells you whether the problem is in your network or your cables.

Product Review

Lock the Box

This innovative charging station safely powers up a variety of devices, keeping them safe from theft and surges.


Out of Stock

As agencies went remote in 2020, the demand for laptops and other consumer electronics skyrocketed. Here's why.

Security Save

Protect All the Things

The more devices used by an agency, the more attention must be paid to cyberattack prevention.

Get Smart

Shades of Green

Data centers are among the largest consumers of electricity in government. Cutting energy use is critical.

Tech Tips

From 11 to Zero

Microsoft’s new OS requires security features to be used; no opting out.



Cleaning Up

Through virtualization and other technologies, federal agencies have minimized or eliminated their physical data centers.


Parts Greater Than the Whole

The USDA, Army and Postal Service are all experimenting with technology that saves money and improves information gathering.


Bring Down the Hammer

As agencies upgrade legacy systems, they’re always on the lookout for the next job.


Electric Avenues

Federally operated power facilities work to block the possibility of cyber attacks.


Contributor Column

Success Is a Two-Way Street

Managed service providers stepping in to assist with federal IT modernization need to see projects from both sides.

Contributor Column

A World of Different Voices

Different voices and experiences make the workplace richer and encourage new ideas.