May 20 2020

The Value of Managed Endpoint Services

In nearly every industry, it’s almost impossible to imagine work getting done today without equipping employees with devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

As these end-user devices have grown more numerous (and more powerful), organizations and their employees have come to rely on them for virtually all aspects of their business. Previously analog workflows are now faster and more efficient, and employees can work from anywhere at any time, completing once-cumbersome tasks with the help of collaboration software and business apps that have drastically improved productivity.

As enterprise device environments have grown, however, inefficiencies have inevitably crept in. Especially for large organizations, these inefficiencies can add up, with untold dollars being spent on underused devices and countless hours dedicated to unwieldy management processes. By optimizing their device environments, organizations can save money, enhance productivity and improve the end-user experience.

This is easier said than done. But a comprehensive lifecycle management engagement such as Managed Endpoint Anywhere can simplify device provisioning and management, allowing employees and IT staff to get back to business.

Learn more by downloading our white paper: "The Value of Managed Endpoint Services"

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