From HoloLens devices at State to a ‘Hyperwall’ at NASA, visual aids enable workers to deliver a message.
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Continuous Visibility

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Program, led by Program Manager Kevin Cox, teaches federal agencies how to get a clearer view of their networks — and to spot intrusions early.

Security Save

Building a Better Barrier

Effective deployment of next-generation firewall solutions enables agencies to better protect both on-premises and cloud assets.

Product Review

Sharper Images

Viewers can socially distance and still see detailed information without trouble.

Product Review

Smart Streaming

This pan-tilt-zoom camera adds a professional touch to any agency virtual meeting.

Tech Trends

Near the Edge

Pilot programs at five Defense Department locations are set to advance the use of technology to streamline operations.

Tech Tips

Care About Sharing

To keep diversified hardware that runs different software sharing information, Simple Network Management Protocol can help.


A Simpler Route

SDN provides flexibility, resiliency and support for surges in use by teleworking feds.

IT Futurist

Mint Conditions

Streamlined transactions could move stimulus checks and more into Americans’ hands quickly.

Security Save

Supply-Side Threats

Having emergency response plans in place in advance can mitigate potential damage.



Even Flow

Increasingly sophisticated technology provides government agencies with additional avenues for understanding information.


Sprint to the Finish

Workers use iPhones as part of a Device as a Service solution that saved the beleaguered count.


Permanent Adaptation

NSF, DIA and FCA explain how remote work became an essential adaptation for the agencies.


Letter From the Editor

Celebrate the Wins

From the Census Bureau to the State Department, federal workers found that clever use of IT led to major successes.

Contributor Column

Count on It

CDW•G’s Device as a Service offering led to success in a chaotic pandemic year.

Contributor Column

Tip of the Spear

Follow these best practices to drive digital transformation at your agency.