Three federal CIOs discuss the power of diversity to improve problem-solving, increase innovation and expand creativity as agencies tackle complex missions.
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Get Smart

Bringing Maturity to the Cloud

Build internal expertise and a stronger adoption strategy with a cloud center of excellence.

Security Save

How Well Do You Know Your Devices?

The Internet of Things has far-reaching security implications for agencies that don’t assess threats and vulnerabilities.

IT Futurist

Driving Toward Digital

With several pilots underway, digital driver’s licenses may soon be widespread among state and federal agencies.

Tech Tips

In the Archives

Stay compliant with this step-by-step process for archiving employees’ Microsoft 365 mailboxes.

Product Review

Powerful Wi-Fi Access Under All Conditions

A strong internet connection is crucial to modern business, but outdoor locations can create problems. This access point offers a solution.

Product Review

Surge Protection

Eaton’s 9PX uninterruptible power supply provides emergency backup and keeps agencies safe from disruptions and blackouts.



Easy Does It

Hyperconverged infrastructure simplifies data center management, a valuable outcome for busy IT teams.


Looking Out for the Weak Link

NIST, CISA, NSA and others provide new guidance to safeguard software supply chains at every step along the way.


In Demand

To help close the cybersecurity talent gap, agencies are getting creative in how they search for and recruit employees.


From the Editor

The Work That Never Ends

In technology, especially, new capabilities can create new problems and challenges that federal agency IT professionals must solve.

Contributor Column

Teleworking’s New Normal

As agencies adapt to long-term hybrid work, balancing flexibility, security and productivity will be crucial.

Contributor Column

Better Data Sharing Is Possible and Overdue

New efforts to expand collaboration while protecting privacy could streamline assistance for millions of Americans.