With the ServiceNow solution, agencies such as the National Cancer Institute and Oak Ridge National Laboratory can keep a better handle on the flow of IT work.
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Product Review

Manage Information Safely

DLP solution keeps critical agency data secure no matter where it lives in a complex hybrid infrastructure

Product Review

Ready to Dock

The powerful, dual-video Targus Universal USB 3.0 DV4K Docking Station boosts agency productivity no matter where workers are located.

Tech Tips


Agencies can get an extra layer of protection by embracing MFA.

Tech Trends

Through the Haze

Cloud access security brokers provide agencies with visibility into commercial environments.


Double the Security

Multiple logons can create security loopholes. Here are answers about one common solution.

IT Futurist

Feel the Heat

Such sensors are helping the Army and other government agencies detect possible COVID-19 infections.


Home Security

CISA found its territory vastly expanded as the COVID-19 pandemic escalated. Assistant Director for Cybersecurity Bryan Ware explains how the agency adapted as a nation turned to telework.

Security Save

Safety Insurance

Reduce the security risks of virtual workplaces with these best practices.



Reaction to Action

Artificial intelligence and other predictive data analysis tools help DLA, HHS and others see patterns before events occur.


All or Nothing

The 2020 move to remote work accelerated plans to adopt a zero-trust approach to network security.


Fresh Restart

Total data center refreshes, done all at once or over time, help agencies keep up with modern capabilities.


We Don’t Even Know You

With endpoints scattered beyond a definable perimeter, protecting data becomes more important than protecting the network.


Letter From the Editor

Secure Amidst the Chaos

Zero trust, cloud protections and new practices built for teleworking may become permanent.

Contributor Column

Phishing Goes Remote

Especially when they’re at home, keeping employees up to date on security practices is critical.

Contributor Column

Trust, but Verify

Artificial intelligence systems must earn the confidence of their human counterparts to be worthwhile.