Already reliant on cloud-based tools, the two agencies needed more capacity to handle major hurricanes and the pandemic.
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Tech Trends

A Solid Foundation

Platform as a Service has become increasingly common in federal IT environments.


With a $17 billion budget and a ready supply of pop-culture references, Knausenberger prepares the Air Force for a more up-to-date future.

Tech Tips

Live Without Passwords

Drop the symbols and numbers and find a new way to verify your identity on the network.

IT Futurist

The Fabric of Our Lives

Woven into battle gear, the fibers could detect vital signs, track developing situations and warn soldiers in the field of impending danger.


Divide and Conquer

The leading solution for application management today is based on the use of containers; here are things to think about ahead of time.

Security Save

Play in a New Sandbox

New attack methods bypass standard sandboxes and other protections, but next-generation tools have promise.

Product Review

Maximum Sound

These easy-to-use headphones add power to the listening experience.

Product Review

Color-Coded Cybersecurity

Color coding on the switch and a remote control keyboard help prevent classified information from jumping networks.



Stay on the Line

Mature technologies allow improved communication on multiple platforms, providing faster customer service.


Technology Legacy

The Department of Energy, NIH and others built on existing infrastructure to strengthen the ability to keep work moving.


New Ways to Train

The Army and the State Department deployed remote technology to provide mandatory employee training during the pandemic.


A Clear Picture

Tools including SIEM and EDR can alert agencies more quickly to stealth attacks from outside actors.


Letter From the Editor

Ask for a Helping Hand

Asking for assistance in creating an emergency plan can result in stronger results.

Contributor Column

Empower the People

Technical problems aren’t always the most difficult to solve.

Contributor Column

The Mental Game

Cybersecurity is as much a state of mind as it is technological protection.