Through views of bouncing baby pandas or the wonders of space, technology helps agencies fulfill their educational missions.
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Get Smart

Data’s Destiny

The most common collaboration tools include periods during which admins can capture and reassign important information.

Tech Tips

Easy Templates

Get set up in the Azure cloud environment with these three steps.

Product Review

Just Your Type

This easy-to-connect, wireless keyboard connects to three devices at home or in an office.

Security Save

Raising the Barrier

Accidental lapses can also be averted when website certificates are renewed automatically.

Product Review

Listen Here

Comfortable headset lets federal workers hear one another no matter the communication tool in use.

Tech Trends

Fringe Benefits

NOAA, USDA and other agencies that collect mass amounts of data in the field rely on edge computing for fast analysis.

IT Futurist

Smart Medicine

NIH, DOD and VA are working to add artificial intelligence to pathology and radiology protocols.



Temporary Solutions

Air Force Reserve Command, VA relied on virtual desktops as the pandemic caused workforce pressure


Healthcare with Connections

The VA’s 5G-powered hospital is a sign of modernization to come in the federal medical space.


All Onboard

Collaboration tools connected workers with their colleagues in a work-from-home environment.


On a New Path

Keeping workers safe in the physical office while still permitting the scaled-up level of telework are the main priorities.


Contributor Column

Buying Power

Streamlined buying procedures will help agencies modernize more quickly.

Letter From the Editor

A Hybrid Challenge

The speedy acceptance of remote work is a sign that modernization remains important to federal employees

Contributor Column

How to Bounce Back

Improving user experience and providing choices for citizens gives governments more flexibility to respond in a crisis.