The container-based architecture keeps applications organized and scalable.
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Product Review

Tough Enough

The rugged device provides protection against spills, drops and other mishaps.

Product Review

Virtual Protection

Virtualization solution also creates backup in case of technical disaster.

IT Futurist

Speed Readers

Artificial intelligence can take the drudgery of poring through minutely detailed reports away from human readers.

Tech Tips

Thoroughly Modern Management

UEM tools simplify and streamline device upkeep — for agencies that are prepared for the job.

Security Save

Know What You Own

Knowing which tools are already available to you can speed the process of improving cybersecurity.


This Upgrade Goes to 11

Extra security and easier modernization are part of the new operating system.


A New Digital Strategy

Modernization and zero-trust security are top priorities for the service.

Security Save

Seeing Purple

Blending red and blue teams provides stronger assurance that a network is safe.



Demand for Supply

The Department of Veterans Affairs, the Food and Drug Administration and the Air Force rely on MDM to keep the acquisitions flowing.


Meeting of the Minds

Agency leaders borrow from the state and local government concept to convert information overload into insight.


All Together Now

Federal agencies use website consolidation to ease the journey for those who need assistance.


The Reality of Evolution

GPO, FCA are among those that found better customer service and other advantages from new products and processes added during the pandemic.


Letter From the Editor

Mash That Easy Button

Tools from microservices to MDM allow federal workers to make their own jobs simpler while delivering services better.

Contributor Column

Connect the Dots

Cyber risk management is more than just sharing information; it includes analyzing existing and potential risk.

Contributor Column

This Column Is on Back Order

Agencies should be cautious about cybersecurity when searching for replacement products.