DOJ, Treasury and the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee share their strategies.
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IT Futurist

When More Is Better

Federal agencies are leaning into hyperautomation as a core component of digital transformation.

Product Review

Lean and Green

Printed documents remain an important part of federal customer services.

Get Smart

Solve for X

Integrators can assist in upgrading customer, employee and total experience with advanced technology.

Security Save

A Shared Responsibility

Government IT teams can help make information security a shared responsibility through education and preparedness exercises and by leveraging technology.

Product Review

Care to Share

Designed to enable safe file sharing in highly regulated healthcare environments, this platform offers easy integration.


Zero-Trust Buy-In

Federal IT teams moving to a zero-trust security architecture need to make sure they’re not leaving end users out of the equation.

Tech Tips

Don’t Overlook the Printers

Minimizing security risks related to printer vulnerabilities is essential for federal agencies.



Partly Cloudy

The shift from on-premises resources to a dual-sided data structure has provided benefits for NSF, NIH, Census and others.


Digital Twins Peak

NOAA and others are using virtual models to visualize and predict the behavior of physical objects and systems.


Civilian Style

Agencies are streamlining application development and testing by unifying their development, security and operations teams.


Raising the MFA Bar

In addition, federal zero-trust requirements are promoting phishing-resistant multifactor authentication, FIDO2 standards and federation portals.


Letter From the Editor

A Well-Executed Journey

Federal agencies are stepping up to zero trust implementation challenges in several ways.

Contributor Column

Shopping for Security

CISA’s “security-by-design and -default” principles might want to shift the burden onto software manufacturers, but there’s more the government can do.

Contributor Column

It’s Time to Pick Up the Pace

Agencies need to measure customer feedback with federal digital services and quickly increase the number (and quality) of digital service offerings.