As aging workers retire, agencies must meet the demands of younger, more tech-savvy users.

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Ready for the Future

In just under a year, Terrill has set the stage for the agency’s evolution into a digital-forward agency.

Product Review

Fast and Flexible

Thanks to its familiar console interface and management tools, Cisco's HyperFlex platform lets agencies easily embrace and reap the benefits of virtualization.

Security Save

Batten Down the Hatches

Securing data centers from physical threats is essential to maintaining operations and protecting critical information.

Product Review

Packed with Power

HP’s Ultrabook packs numerous useful features into a slim, light design.

Tech Insights

How Next-Generation Networking Boosts Service

Advanced networking technologies like software-defined networking and data center orchestration can help agencies deliver the solutions that users and citizens demand.

Tech Trends

A New Mobile Era

By streamlining their device footprints, agencies can make IT management easier and also enhance cybersecurity.

Tech Forward

Assess the Situation

The new kid on the IoT block: sensor-based wearable technology.



Enabling the Internet of Things

Agencies are exploring ways to apply IoT data to enable automation and drive better decision-making.


Military-Grade Mobility

Federal agencies have a lot to learn from how the armed forces buy and use rugged notebooks, tablets and smartphones.


Foster Telework Success

As agencies gain experience in fielding effective policies and technologies, their ability to support remote work is improving.


A New Legacy

The time is ripe for agencies to start moving aging infrastructure to the cloud, and some agencies, like USCIS and the FCC, have already done so.


Letter From the Editor

In addition to investing in endpoint monitoring, intrusion detection and data loss prevention solutions, agencies need to ensure physical security of their data centers.

Contributor Column

Seamless Transition

The new administration must continue progress on IT advancements such as cybersecurity and infrastructure modernization efforts.