Agencies including OMB and HHS OIG use data visualization tools to let information tell a story.
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Get Smart

Avoid Data Disaster

Any agency can integrate the capability into their networks.

Product Review

High-Occupancy Connection

The Aruba AP22 maximizes device bandwidth in the office.

Product Review

Find Your Zen

The sleek notebook is travel ready with a powerful processor.

IT Futurist

Government Tiptoes Into the Metaverse

Project Tripoli is just one government project experimenting with the emerging concept.


Serve Up SQL Support

Extended support is available no matter the version in use, but know the details before bypassing an update.

Get Smart

Don’t Delete That Text

Even information stored on employee-owned devices and remote communications tools must be sent to NARA when a worker leaves.

Security Save

No Money Down

Federal agencies, the latest target of these breaches, can follow tips provided by CISA, NIST and others.

Tech Tips

Bridging the Gaps

Agencies need solutions that simplify security and provide cross-platform visibility in a multicloud environment.


Continuity of Care

Dr. Kevin Galpin explains how his Office of Connected Care will address changing authorities and the digital divide when the public health emergency declaration ends.



How to Avoid the 503

Federal agencies share how to best run websites during times of high demand.


Two Places at Once

NASA, OSHA, VA and others expand their workplaces with the use of AR technology.


A Secure Destination

A recent study involving the Department of Labor and others offers examples of focus areas and those that may require more attention.


Letter From the Editor

Tech Behind the Scenes

Dashboards, AR/VR and website design help information move freely through the federal system.

Contributor Column

Perfect Fit

Assistance from prospective vendors, proofs of concept and technology credits help agencies plan for the future.

Contributor Column

A Government Guide to AI

To have the most impact, the White House’s national strategy for artificial intelligence should focus on innovation.