NARA, USAID and the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board modernize technology to enhance and improve customer experiences.
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Security Save

Beat the Web Shell Game

Secretly planted scripts allow entry to malicious actors at a later date. Here’s how to detect and remove them.

Brief Byte

Virtual Security

New attacks may flood headsets with info designed to disorient or mislead the wearer, a big risk during military operations.

Get Smart

HCI or Cloud?

Hyperconverged infrastructure offers cloudlike benefits to agencies, but how does it compare with cloud services at scale?


You Can Take It with You

The pilot program eases challenges with device provisioning for workers who transfer every two or three years.

Product Review

Connect Your Deck

Instead of fumbling with Wi-Fi on congested networks, this mini server creates a local space that connects presenters to large screens.

Product Review

Hard as a Rock

Lighter than most, this rugged laptop survives sand, rain, drops and anything else a traveling federal worker might encounter.

Tech Tips

Hidden Vulnerabilities

Even the simplest equipment may hide security gaps. Make sure your off-the-shelf hardware is safe.

Tech Tips

Tight Connections

Agencies can improve user experience and maintain functionality with these best practices.


Be Smart About AI

As the federal government explores wider use of AI, agencies need to think about the potential pitfalls as well as the benefits.



Secure Support

Microsegmentation, user identity and endpoint security stand as the keystones of zero trust.


Welcome to the Multicloud

The Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract vehicle drives competition for Defense cloud services. As vendors tailor offerings to meet agency needs, multiple migration efforts advance modernization.


Zero Risk

When breaches of internet-connected medical devices could mean life or death, the Department of Veterans Affairs leans in on zero-trust.


UX Upgrade

Experts from the Army, EPA, GSA, OPM and the Department of Education describe how they adapted their experience from 2019 to the current migration.


Letter From the Editor

In No One We Trust

The security framework is helping government protect an increasing number of devices and volume of data.

Contributor Column

One Network for All (Soon)

While their network modernizations may still be years away, agencies are migrating essential applications to cloud or cloudlike environments and buying 5G-enabled devices.

Contributor Column

See the Hidden Patterns

Think like an artist — or a child — and look beyond the usual solutions to challenges.