Agencies can choose from a list of pre-vetted commercial products to build out secure networks.
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Product Review

Set Your Own Rules

The platform adds new security elements to cloud deployments.


Batten Down the Hatches

The Fortalice Solutions CEO finds more companies being coerced to pay hackers, and wants it to stop.

Product Review

A Solid Connection

Robust, lightweight and fast, this smartphone brings power to your pocket.

Get Smart

Picture This

Visualization is more than just a pretty picture; your audience must understand the context of the information as well.

IT Futurist

Hands-Free Driving

From military convoys to helicopter supply drops, military researchers are testing ways to protect servicemembers with technology.


Pick Up the Pieces

DRaaS is a simple way to ensure operations can continue during unexpected events. Here’s what to ask potential partners.

Tech Tips

Sign Here

Protect electronic documents by following these suggestions.

Security Save

Return Policies

Devices coming back to an onsite office after telework should be closely checked for malware.



We Can Hear You Now

Agencies find additional flexibility with internet-based communications networks.


Immersive Exhibits

Immersive VR headsets aid in recruitment and education while saving agencies time and money.


Remote Possibilities

Agility counts as Defense Department leaders roll out collaboration solutions to support teleworkers.


Safe Talk

From Jill Biden’s remote classes in the White House to standard team meetings across agencies, preventing intrusion is crucial.


Letter From the Editor

A New Way to Work

Upgrades to existing tools and the creation of new ones led to a new way to work.

Contributor Column

Advance Warning

Improved communication and collaboration among agencies and vendors is one key to protecting the enterprise.

Contributor Column

The Human Touch

Bring people into the loop when securing a network in this telework era.