Federal health agencies find that virtual visits (and VR) make appointments more convenient for patients.
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Security Save

A Sharper Focus

Better logging means improved network visibility for agencies.

Product Review

Relationship Goals

The platform allows agencies to start small and expand as needed, or jump into a full-scale digital transformation.

Product Review

The End of the Paper Trail

This scanner will help agencies meet the deadline to preserve all documents electronically.

Get Smart

Shelter from the Solar Storm

Necessary technology includes uninterruptible power supplies and solid surge protectors.

Tech Tips

Big Clues in Small Packages

Microsoft Network Monitor Provides a Valuable Tool for Searches


Under the Dome

The project is the center of the DOD’s zero-trust security efforts, which focus on a new way of networking.


E Is For Extra Spectrum

Power needs, wired capacity and building construction are all important when planning for additional spectrum.

IT Futurist

Shock and AI

The Department of the Interior was taken by surprise when organizations started using ChatGPT to write grant applications.



Connect and Serve

Courts, veterans’ organizations, the FTC and more use remote technology to provide access to services.


Outside Educators

The third-party teams bring knowledge that federal employees may not have the bandwidth to learn on their own.


Stop the Monotony

DLA leads the way in RPA development; State and FAA are among the other agencies adopting the tool.


Data on the Go

Telematics is helping agencies monitor the government’s 600,000-plus vehicles for maintenance needs and other data.


Letter From the Editor

Technology Does the Talking

Clear communication is critical, and specialized software helps.

Contributor Column

Second Chances

Agencies can recycle electronics for both environmental and financial reasons.

Contributor Column

Four Simple Steps

Strong passwords, improved phishing defenses and other changes can boost the safety of your network.